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Competa Bed and Breakfast, Villa Andalucia
Welcome to Competa, Axarquia Spain

In the white Andalusian village of Competa, with its Moorish influences, you are transported back in time. The farmers still harvest the almonds, olives, grapes and raisins as their forefathers did before. This is a lively and welcoming town that has retained the old charm of Andalucia, where genuine hospitality towards its visitors can be felt.

There are spectacular walks into the mountainous national parks where Andalucia´s uniquely varied wildlife can be enjoyed. The numerous bars and restaurants in and around the village provide a variety of good food, tapas and local wine.  

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Competa is nestled 700 metres above sea level in the Sierra Almijara, perched upon a hill side with picturesque views. A delightful medium-sized white Spanish village only a 50 MIN DRIVE FROM MALAGA AIRPORT AND 55 KM FROM MALAGA CITY. It is one of Andalucias famous white villages or Pueblo Blancos - the white washed walls reflect the beautiful summer sun, on doors, windows and walls throughout Competa town.  

Competa has 35 bars and restaurants offering excellent tapas and meals at low prices. The area of Competa has one of the best climates in Europe, and the land surrounding the village and down to the coast is filled with vineyards, olive, almond and lemon groves. The locally produced Moscatel wine is famous throughout the region. You can visit one of the bodegas and taste it yourself!

Noche del Vino is Competa's famous wine festival.  It is always held on the 15th August the date never changes.  It is a local celebration in Competa of the start of the crushing of the grapes season.  During August you will find plenty of grapes to eat at Villa Andalucia, but we have not had chance to make our own wine yet. About midday you can see some of the locals carrying the basket of grapes on their heads and the local band playing music whilst they walk to Plaza Vendimia, where they put on a display of crushing the grapes by foot to their local songs. There is free Vino flowing all day long and also free migas (garlic and breadcrumb fried up in huge paella dish). The local children are dressed in their flamenco gear and put a show on in the same square, also one the local groups will do a few acts as well. There is also a street market where you can buy local goods.

If you are not drunk and can manage to stay out all day and night (we haven't managed yet) there are some awards presented by the local mayor in the evening and more dancing in the main square.

Competa Feria and Noche Del Vino

Festivals and Ferias

During July all the villages hold their ferias which is a weekend of live music, funfairs, fireworks and plenty of the local vino flowing. They usually start at 8.00 on the Friday morning with fireworks going off letting all the villagers know it is the start of the feria, and they carry on letting single fireworks off all day and night, and when you think the music has quietened down you suddenly will be woken again (that is if you have gone to bed) by more fireworks at 8:00 letting you know it is the start of the next day.  On the Sunday night or early Monday morning there will be a grande finale of fireworks.

Each village will arrange some events that go on all day and night catering for all age groups. Competa have a foam party in one of the main squares this is awesome and fun for all the family, Helen loves it and gets in the middle of the fun every year. Competa also has a greasy pole competition (not tried that one yet) during the evening there are live groups to entertain everyone. We have been here two years and have not managed to stay out every night or go to all the day time events, we usually go out at 11:00 at night and come home about 06:30 in the morning.

On the Sunday (known as Romany day) the villagers who have horses meet in the main square in their local dress and then ride around the village and then go the church. If you come to stay in July and miss Competa's feria never mind you can always go to Sayalonga, Archez, Corumbella or Canillas Ferias.


Competa village is surrounded by 4,000 hectares of wildlife reserve, the Sierra Almijara, with peaks as high as 2,068 metres. You can walk directly from our villa into the park and immediately start to spot some of the spectacular local wildlife; Booted Eagles, Peregrine Falcons, Eyed Lizards, Chameleons and the amazing Hoopoe bird.

The Coast and Its Beaches

The Costa del Sol is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, with its miles of beautiful sandy beaches and fantastic weather which have kept tourists flocking back year after year. However the busiest resorts are found to the South of Malaga, the coast near us (to the North East of Malaga) is still as spectacular but it is also unspoilt. 

If you can spare the time during your stay, take a day to drive back down to the coast but turn left rather than right towards Malaga and take either the motorway or coast road.  These roads quickly wind through national parks which extent to the sea - the scenery is amazing and there are loads of places to stop off and take pictures or you can find your way down to one of the many secluded beaches.

Andalucia, Things to do


Nerja is a picturesque yet lively coastal town 40 minutes away.  Nerja and Maro (small village next to Nerja) have a total of 13 kms of beaches and coves between them.  Here you find the small family run Chiringuitos dotted along the beach where you can get freshly barbequed sardines (Espetos) for about €4. The famous Caves of Nerja (Cuevas de Nerja) were only discovered in 1960 - which is very surprising as they are huge and only a few minutes outside of Nerja.  We recommend that you visit these spectacular caverns, if you are lucky you may be able to catch one of the concerts or ballets that are put on inside the caves themselves.  Frigiliana, is a tiny village just behind Nerja and is worth a visit in its own right.

Amusement Parks
Tivoli World at Arroyo de la Miel near to Benalmadena, approx 90 mins away. Suitable for all ages from toddlers to grandparents. Opening times vary during the year see
Sea-Life Aquarium Benalmadena is open all year round from 10.00
Parque Acuático Aquavelis at Torre del Mar approx 25 mins away. Suitable for all the family or leave Dad with the children at the parque whilst Mum walks across the road to the El Ingenio shopping centre

Other Towns
Malaga has a lovely old town full of atmospheric basement tapas bars and pretty squares.  Visit the magnificent bull ring and the Moorish fort for wonderful views of the city. Malaga has a hop on hop off bus service offering 10 % discount on other City tours  Vialia Estacion Maria Zambran is the capital's largest and newest train station and shopping centre which is well worth a visit and open on Sundays and bank holidays, it has a free car park.

Almunécar, an hour's drive away, is also worth a visit.  You can go on a historic tour to see the small palace or a nature tour to see exhibits of over 1,500 tropical birds. Stop off at La Herradura or Marina del Este on the way both wonderful places to visit.
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